Yoga for Cyclist: Running Leggings vs. Compression Leggings

Not all cyclists practice yoga, but those who do tend to do it is because of the benefits. After a prolonged cycling activity, yoga does help in relieving all the stress mentally and physically. The wrong choice of yoga pants will actually contribute to further muscle pain. In this post, we will be discussing two different types of leggings. If you are a yoga practitioner and a cyclist at the same time, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of running leggings and compression leggings might be exactly what you need.

Running Leggings

They are not made to show off your toned, muscular legs. However, the reason why they are created is to offer advantages to athletes. Running leggings are good for people who mostly do strenuous exercises. Cycling can be considered one of these activities. The benefits of running leggings are:

  • Skin Protection – Skin protection that the running leggings offer helps in minimizing any discomfort. If you decide to wear baggier clothes while cycling and doing yoga, they tend to irritate your skin. It is because baggier and heavier clothes tend to rub against your waist and thighs.
  • Warmth – If you enjoy cold mornings, any running pants will offer you the warmth that your body needs. The fabric will keep out the cold air away. When you are sweating, they will also prevent you from feeling the chill. To maximize the air flow, you can also opt for the pants with mesh panels in the areas where you tend to sweat the most.
  • Aerodynamic – Cycling and yoga are two different activities. But they are both using your body in order to perform. But running leggings will create aerodynamic advantages

Compression Leggings

Any compression gear is usually made of 20% spandex and 80% nylon. The reason why compression clothes are crucial for most athletes is because of the benefits they offer. It allows the body to be protected from any muscle impact during training. It is said that by wearing them, the body alignment will be more proper, and it can also prevent any energy waste. Cycling and yoga can cause the body to feel the stress. However, choosing compression leggings as part of your clothes will allow you to experience:

  • Acceleration in your recovery processes.
  • A reduction of exercise-induced muscle damage (EIMD).
  • Recovery from acid build-up.
  • An increase in body strength and power.
  • Reduction of in-flight ankle edema.
  • An increase in muscle oxygenation.
  • Improved endurance.
  • Improved body temperature control.


To decide on which legging is better can be tough. Technically, running leggings are very similar to compression leggings. However, not all compression leggings can be used for running. Therefore, choosing running pants for cycling or yoga might have their own advantages or disadvantages. But a pair of compression leggings will definitely be a good choice for those who enjoy yoga and cycling at the same time.

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