Yoga and Spiritual Development

Yoga is a movement, a method of working out. It is based not only around the physical development such as strengthening the muscles, joints and similar but also around spiritual development. For those of you who don’t understand the term “spiritual” – by spiritual I mean the development of the mind, learning how to control your thoughts, being in sync with yourself, learning how to eliminate stress and live at peace. If you are interested in what you have just read, then this article is 100% for you.

Yoga and the Spirit

To me, yoga feels like glue, like a powerful connector. It connects the mind with the body by finding perfect synchronization and allowing you to learn more about yourself. So, how can yoga do such a thing? Well, let me introduce you to the parts that yoga is made up of.

  • Yama – the part of yoga that teaches you ethical values and social restraint.
  • Niyama – the study of “oneself”, the study of YOU.
  • Asanas – the physical aspect of yoga; poses and postures belong in this group.
  • Pranayama – the part of yoga that teaches you breathing techniques.
  • Pratyahara – the part of yoga that prepares you for meditation.
  • Dharana – the part of yoga that teaches you concentration.
  • Dhyana – the part of yoga that finally teaches you meditation.
  • Samadhi – the part of yoga that allows spiritual enlightenment to occur.

A lot of people think that yoga is all about those different poses. That’s because people who haven’t tried yoga or who have tried it but had a bad instructor, only see what is going on from the outside. They just see the asanas. The asanas are just one small (but important) part of yoga. As you can see, there are other, very complex and beneficial things that you could learn. All of them lead to your spiritual development and to your development in general as a person. What I am trying to say here is that by taking this journey you will be on the right path to development, and pretty soon in your course, you will experience satisfaction, self-awareness, self-discovery. The truth is that you will constantly learn new things as you go.

The key here is that you don’t give up on the journey and that you are as consistent as you can. Only if you get serious about yoga will you be able to experience all of those things that I have mentioned earlier.

The Final Verdict

We are at the ending of today’s article, but we are also at a new beginning, a new journey that you will undergo. I honestly hope that this article has opened your eyes a little bit about yoga and that it convinced you to try this method for yourself. Nothing bad can happen if you try, you can only get better. Well, that would be it, I hope you have learned something new today!

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