What Needs to Be in Your Yoga Wardrobe

Taking on a new hobby can be exciting, and full of things you are unsure of. To reduce some of this anxiety for beginning your yoga practice, here is a list of things you should have in your yoga wardrobe.

Yoga Pants

Pants are important, you need to wear them. Finding the perfect pair of yoga pants might take a while, but to get started just find something you are comfortable in. You need to be able to move, bend, and flex in them, so keep that in mind. If you are thinking of just using a pair of leggings, make sure they can pass the bend test.

Many leggings are not designed for things like bending over and can become see through in some positions. Your pants should be washed after any hard session, but if you are sticking to more calm and restorative practices you can get away with washing every two sessions. Having at least two pairs to get your through a week is recommended as a good starting point. Here’s a guide on how to prolong the life of your yoga pants.


Supportive Bra

Guys, you can skip over this, as it isn’t going to be applicable. Ladies, this is something that can really impact your practice. A good, supportive sports bra is going to help you out. While most yoga isn’t too heavy impact, like running is, you still want to keep the girls in line. Bras don’t just make sure you don’t bounce around (which can stretch out your skin, causing pain and increasing sagginess), they can also make a big difference in your posture. These should be washed after every session, so have as many bras as yoga sessions you do a week.



The shirt that you need for yoga is going to depend completely on what you find stylish, the climate where you practice, and what makes you feel comfortable. Men, you can get away, in some yoga studios going shirtless, but some poses can be uncomfortable with your bare back on the mat. You probably want to start your practice with a shirt and judge with a couple of sessions if shirtless would be appropriate.

Long sleeves are great if your studio is a little cold, and stick to short sleeves or tank tops where it is warmer. Depending on the type of yoga you are participating in, you might warm up quite a bit, so remember that when picking out your shirt. There are a number of different styles, both that are tight fitting and more loose in design. When you are picking out a shirt the main things to remember is comfort and range of motion. Yoga is going to have your upper body moving a lot, and your shirt cannot impede that. For most yoga practices, yoga shirts can be worn a couple of times, as long as it isn’t too intense. Similar to pants, it is recommended to have at least 2 comfortable shirts in your yoga wardrobe.

So, to summarize, many people like to coordinate their yoga outfits, but this is entirely up to you. Don’t sweat it if you are mismatched a bit. Make sure that you are comfortable and can move freely, and that you have enough clothes to get you through a week. 2 pairs of pants, 2 shirts, and 3 bras give you a fantastic base.

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