Couple Yoga: A Surefire Way To Build, Strengthen And Restore Your Relationship

Being physically active is on trend. There are literally hundreds of activities out there to keep your energy flowing. But what’s in store for those who want to bolster not only their physique, but their personal relationships as well? Yoga is a physical practice with a spiritual intention. Being on the mat gives a chance to relax, breath, focus on the current moment and to discover ourselves. 

Commonly, Yoga is an individual practice, but when another significant person, whether they be a friend, family or a lover, gets on the mat, it is a whole new level of excitement and discovery. Couple Yoga or Partner Yoga is created to stretch and nurture intimacy, empower trust, reestablish fading connections and promote love. It strengthens the bond between two people through a series of postures, combined with aspects of touch and breathing exercises while having fun.


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Both individuals have to be focused and should fully trust each other. Vulnerability is exposed while in one another’s presence under the risk taken while practicing. The postures will require stability to be fully approached so have faith that your partner will never let you fall! Two people will develop the sense of oneness with each other – the synchronicity and rhythm of love.

Having open communication is just one of the incredible things that a couple develops in the practice. Not just couples but also the tie between family members or friends is remolded throughout the whole process. It cultivates growth both to the physical and the emotional aspects of every relationship.

Each individual will gain the clear vision of their role to one another, to aid in maintaining balance both in the posture and in their relationship. Interdependence is promoted in keeping the flow as steady and as calm as possible. Each person becomes mindful of how his or her actions will affect the whole relationship.

Lovers who practice Couple Yoga also experience developments in sexual intimacy. It is caused by an enhanced way of communication developed by the synchronicity in their breathing, the flow in their movement and a whole new deeper sense of trust. Human touch is an effective way to say that a person is safe, appreciated, loved and valued.

The poses are composed of a gentle opener for the hips, hamstrings and the heart. There are also poses that requires engagement of the core. Couple Yoga enhances focus. It also helps calm the nervous system and kick start detoxification. A total treat for lovers both physically and emotionally!

Learning something new together intensifies the bond between two people. Rediscovering your partner’s value and enhancing the connection and communication can be done while strengthening your body and relationship, enjoying being in each other’s presence.

Practicing together is a good reminder to stop taking things too seriously. It gives a childlike sense of fun. In any practice, failure is inevitable especially if you are just beginning to dive into it. Falling is a good reminder that nothing works 100% perfectly. A relationship takes time, patience and trust.

Remember to have fun while enjoying a rejuvenating experience connecting to your partner!

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