Cleansing Your Karma

Karma is a term that a lot of people like to throw around carelessly; they tend to think of it as a form of punishment. Like a dark stalker, it lurks in the shadows waiting for you to do something wrong, and then after you have, it comes up and gives you your payback. 

Karma actually comes from making all choices, good or bad, that influence the future of the individual. It is the spiritual code of cause and effect. In Sanskrit, Karma stands for “action.” Like gravity, it is neutral and pulls in the same energies you surround yourself with. 

Let’s say that you have erred on the side of bad choices and you wish to cleanse your karma; you don’t want to be punished for a few misdeeds. If we look at karma as a way to educate ourselves, we find a better path to take in life; then we can see all results of our intentions as learning experiences and guidance toward how to better handle every situation. 

Karma is the total energy that surrounds us all, including our words, thoughts, and actions. Any negative in one or more of these aspects attract negative energy and creates further negative circumstances in our life. 

No one wants to be a victim of these perpetual circumstances. We want to take charge and change the karma that we experience. This change requires intention and some simple steps.

  • Time To Move On

The past is no more. There is no point lingering in the past since we know we can’t change it. Make your peace with it and move on. It can also relate to forgiveness, and how important it is to move on from the sadness and anger it can keep chained to our spirits. 

  • Start Acting With Love And Kindness

You can’t always be everyone’s cup of tea or vice versa, but kindness to another soul can go a long way. You treat someone kindly and can hope he or she does the same. If the kindness is not returned, then don’t worry about it, that’s not your karma. Focus on your love for other individuals. 

  • Be Grateful For What You Have

Sometimes, this can be hard to do when we feel as though we are in a perpetual state of negative experiences. But the moment you can find things, or people, to be thankful for, that energy will draw in more positive experiences and start a chain event. 

  • Watch Judgment Of Others And Yourself

It is easy to think negative thoughts toward another person and to spread these negative thoughts to others through gossip. These negative thoughts and opinions spread like a fire and are hard to put out once started. Stop thinking about how you would feel if someone was talking negatively about you.

In the same respect, we are often not much kinder to ourselves, and we express it with the way we think and verbally talk about ourselves. All these negative thoughts draw in negative energy, and we find it harder to escape this black hole of negative self-beliefs. 

  • Compassion For Others And Yourself

Compassion paves the way for a better understanding of what each individual is going through. If there is more understanding in the world, we might just be able to get through troubled times that much easier.

  • Focus On The Positive, Forget The Negative

Easier said than done, but by emitting positive energy, you are drawing it back in, like a magnet, towards yourself. 

Draw others into your positive Karma; see the ripple effect it can have on your life by putting out the positive cause to receive positive results. 

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